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Arima Sutan

November 2016

Basque Culinary Center

San Sebastian, Spain

Multisensory Gastronomic Experience 

academic project

Co-design: Joxe Apezteguia, Jordi Comellas, Miguel Ejarque, Joxe Mari Goñi, Rocío Maeso, Andrea Melo, Maria Real, Ana Patiño, Ander Rodríguez, Emma Rodríguez, Carles Tarrassó

arima sutan 2.jpg

This themed event held at the Basque Culinary Center is inspired by the witches of Zugarramurdi.  It explores the use of wild ingredients in a gastronomic menu and also plays with the trust of the diner, by raising the idea that whoever feeds, also has the  power to poison.

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arima sutan.jpg


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