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La Lola

Gastronomic experience

Design and direction: Carles Tarrassó, Camilo Ruiz, Camila Correa

Photographs: Manuela Ruiz

July 2019 – January 2020

Hacienda La Herreria, Quito, Ecuador


La Lola Experience is a sensory journey through the Hacienda La Herrería, in Quito, Ecuador.

It consists of a 12-course menu inspired by the hacienda's old recipe book, from the 19th century, with touches of magical realism, where each bite seeks to reflect the history and decoration of the space of the house where it is served.


Convex-concave staircase, main entrance to La Herrería


Sweet and sour tree tomato salad


Wood-fired oven-baked quail with roasted pineapple and lavender


Table in the main dining room

itinerario sin fondo.png
itinerario sin fondo.png
itinerario sin fondo.png

The appetizers, which are served in a tour through the house, reflect the bright colors of the furniture and tapestries through the shapes, textures, and ingredients.

secuencia la lola sin fondo.png

The welcome in the gallery is accompanied by live music, cheese fritters with herb butter. Then the church and the rooms are visited, moving on to the back garden and the library, where the rabbit pie is served.


welcome cocktail


introduction to the experience by Camila and Carles


visit to the church


the library: mistela with bitter orange

The recipe book of the women of the Ponce family served as inspiration for the dishes.


Handwritten by several generations between the 19th and 20th centuries, its recipes are Creole cuisine: Spanish-rooted techniques that are adapted by incorporating American ingredients.

We studied and reinterpret these dishes to create the menu for the experience.

la herrería antigua.jpg

La Herrería in the beginning of the XX century

libro de cocina La Herrería2.jpg

Among its pages we also found some verses


The original name of La Herrería was Bellavista. It was built in 1750 and used to be one of the largest rural properties in the northern highlands of Ecuador, with an extension that reached one thousand hectares and was limited by the Pasochoa Volcano.


Camilo, Liz, and Ceci in the kitchens

Logo OFICIAL.png
WhatsApp Image 2019-07-31 at
Asset 2 (2).png

Graphic identity of the experience, designed by Camila


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