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Tableware for The Inca Dining Room

Design and production of the tablerware 

Concept: Carles Tarrassó

Production: Carles Tarrassó, Fernanda Murray, Palo Santo Taller

February 2020

study offernanda murray

quit, Ecuador


The water springs of Cerro de Callo

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Appetizers are a very important part

from the menuThe Inca Dining Room.



They represent the journey from Quito (image on the left) to the hacienda, and are the gateway to the magical atmosphere of San Agustín.

Quito, con el volcán Pichincha al fondo

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The colors of Cerro de Callo with Cotopaxi in the background

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The light on the Inca walls

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The summit of Cotopaxi

Golden foil on which appetizers are served. It has an illustration of the hacienda printed during Jorge Juan de Ulloa's geodesic mission in 1735.

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