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a splendid time

July - September 2021

Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Presentation: September 22, 2021

Museum of the University of Navarra, Pamplona

Gastronomic experience and video 

Original idea and text: Carles Tarrassó

"Silent" poem by Elena Krause Suárez

Video production and direction: Carles Tarrassó

Photography and video editing: David Luis Pérez Magan

Photographs: Cristóbal Neira

Logistics assistance: Maria Guerrero Oliver

Through a box of sweets, this project contrasts the dualistic and anthropocentric worldview of modernity, which rejects nature and separates it from the human being, with cultural and symbolic elements that express the fascination of various cultures for nature.

He context is the Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia, which is the synthesis of many landscapes in the privacy of a garden, and the center of a whole network of activities that study biodiversity in order to conserve it, disseminate it, and promote its sustainable use. A space for contemplation and knowledge.

walks in the garden


This project began with a series of attentive walks through the Botanical Garden, as a way of connecting with nature, where information was collected about gastronomically and sensorially interesting plants.


This project began with a series of attentive walks through the Botanical Garden, as a way of connecting with nature.

Sensorially interesting plants collected in the Botanical Garden

the sweets


The six candies designed for the project are based on subjective impressions of the garden, and on the study of symbols associated with the plant world. They are presented in a recycled cardboard box wrapped in linen and silk fabrics dyed with vegetable substances, and flavored with lemon verbena.


Presentation at the Navarra Gastro Summit 2021

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-22 at 21.31.48 (13).jpeg

The experience was presented on September 22, 2021 in a workshop at the Navarra Gastro Summit in Pamplona. 

The workshop consisted of a talk on sensoriality and ecological art from the gastronomic discipline, and a tasting of the sweets. The chapters of the artistic video that are inspired by each one of them accompanied the tasting, generating an immersive experience.

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