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July 2019 – January 2020

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The Trade, Quito, Ecuador

Installation and video 

Idea: Carles Tarrassó, Camilo Ruiz, Mateo Fernández

Art direction: Carles Tarrassó

Production: Carles Tarrassó, Camilo Ruiz, Manuela Ruiz

Photography: Manuela Ruiz

Filming: Edgar Dávila, Andrés Proaño, Daniela Cuenca

Video editing: Bernat Alberdi

This installation draws attention to the reluctance of a certain part of Latin American society, particularly affluent families, to embrace certain aspects of traditional cuisine, preferring to fill their tables with international dishes and imported products. This establishes a hierarchy where imported goods prevail over tradition and local biodiversity. This incredible biological and cultural richness, in wealthy households, often remains hidden beneath the table.

The installation serves as the guiding thread for the video presenting the conclusions of the Foro Cocina tu Futuro that we presented in the Science and Cooking World Congress Barcelona.

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