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Espacio visceral


Part of the collective exhibition Pan y Circo, curated by Alicia Ventura


Conde Duque Contemporary Culture Center (Madrid)

Real Academia de España en Roma (Italy)

Sala Amós Salvador (Logroño)

This installation draws a parallel between residual places where plant species and traditional ways of life survive, and the spaces of the psyche where our desires are housed. The objective is to enjoy the sensations that the plant world awakens in us through spices and condiments: fermented bergamot, dried garlic, oxidized artichoke... obtained in Rome and other regions of Italy. A nature manipulated for aesthetic and gastronomic enjoyment, which reflects a biological and social diversity threatened with extinction.


The ephemeral pieces capture the sensory characteristics of ornamental citrus fruits from Oscar Tintori's Florentine collection: 

Using the paper clay technique, the shapes of over 50 citrus varieties are printed onto porcelain. The minerals contained in the fruits vitrify inside the spaces left by the citrus fragments, which disintegrate at 1,200ºC inside the ceramic kiln.


A sheet of fermented mandarin that changes lighting tone based on atmospheric conditions. A solid block of citrus paste that reveals cracks and diffuses the citrus aromas as it dehydrates.

PanyCirco-CD-215 Carles Tarrassó.jpg
PanyCirco-CD-134 Carles Tarrassó.jpg
PanyCirco-CD-145 Carles Tarrassó.jpg
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