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Spice Aesthetics


Part of the group exhibition Pan y Circo, curated by Alicia Ventura


Conde Duque Contemporary Culture Center (Madrid)

Royal Spanish Academy in Rome (Italy)

Sala Amós Salvador (Logroño)

In the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, and the rest of the Mediterranean, the botanical varieties that are part of gastronomy have been established over centuries through the transfer of plants and seeds, crossbreeding and mutation of plant species in the field, and most importantly, through the explosion of biodiversity that arises from the encounter between the American and European biocenosis. This process shapes Italian, Spanish, and Latin American cuisines. Nature manipulated for the aesthetic and gustatory enjoyment.

This project, developed during the residency at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, aims to enjoy the sensations awakened by the plant world through a gastronomic language that utilizes ornamental citrus from the collections of Oscar Tintori (Florence) and the Todolí Citrus Foundation (Valencia).


Inside of the monumental complex of San Pietro in Montorio, the Tempietto di Bramante, an icon of the Roman renaissance built to be eternal, becomes a pantry overflowing with life. Jars of fermenting fruits, in full effervescense are transforming into condiments through lacto-fermentation.

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