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Development of a line of "hacienda" products for La Lola

Concept: Carles Tarrassó, Camilo Ruiz, Camila Correa

Product development: Carles Tarrassó, Camilo Ruiz

Graphic line: Camila Correa

Photographs: Manuela Ruiz

Development of craft products

November - December 2019

Hacienda La Herreria, Quito, Ecuador

Products developed for the projectThe Lola Experience

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The hacienda products of La Lola are handmade products inspired by the history and aesthetics of the Hacienda La Herrería. 

They were developed to be part of a Christmas basket marketed at Christmas 2019, in Quito.

Some of the products were: bergamot and bugambilia jelly, seasoned olives, smoked trout, herb butter, roasted achogchas, and plum sauce.


candied achogchas

unnamed (1).jpg

Bergamot jelly with bougainvillea, proasted banana an, gChristmas cookies, almond nougat cream, tEcuadorian cacao rufas


flavored salts

unnamed (3).jpg

Ecuadorian cocoa truffles

unnamed (2).jpg

Andean herb vermouth developed in the project vermouths from the mountains and the coast

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